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Semper FI Studio designed and built tube amplifiers mostly for guitar and bass instruments from ca 2000 to 2010. The instrument amplifiers went under the pseudo 'Devil Dog Amps'.

Today the inactive activity is a hobby, but to be reactivated in the future. I will do interesting projects, so please ask if you wonder if your idea can be built. On average I build 1-2 amps a year, I just can't keep away from the soldering iron and all those great parts out there.

I do all the circuit design, component selection, internal layout, metal work, and all the wood work. Great fun but also a pain in the ass when day turns to night and time just wont slow down.

Hans 'Nick' Wilson

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Stay safe, build and create.

Semper Fi!

Some pics of some old builds:

My very first sell! 6V6 in parallel with 6L6 - 10W single-ended power:

The above amp was part of my 'SLAMP' project, or 'Sloppy Amp', I even had a great review in 'Musikk Praksis' - the Norwegian music gear magazine.

The whole point of SLAMP was a home made look, but with top notch internals. Simply because they were home made! I was told once by a shop owner my builds were not welcome because there's a difference between 'home made' and 'hand made'. So how dare I come along and pretend my amps were 'hand made' - Oh no, they were simply 'home made' and not worthy of his store. What a  Duschbag!

Below my reggae tribute SLAMP:


The first iteration of Woodie was like this:

Here is a video of how the above circuit sounds:


(Excuse the poor camera sound and filming)

'Black Amp'

'Mahogany Head'

Note the RCA input connector, so you can plug in a music source from your phone or cassette player and mix that with your guitar.

Little Green, two knobs, one input, ca 15watts 6V6 lust and pleasure:

A simple black head amp, offset handle because the heavy transformer on the end:

Urban Sound Studio in Oslo:

Bass Amp Project with Thomas Wang, I designed the circuit and wired up the internals, Thomas designed the chassis and did all the wood and metal work. Laser cut panel - mint!



The circuit has pretty standard front end with two dual triode preamp tubes, into a pair of 6V6GTs driving the output pair 6L6GT via an interstage transformer.

I got invited to have a stand at the Hove Festival. The theme was artistic designs, so it went...

2x12 OTL (Output Transformer Less tube amplifier) combo:

Not the prettiest thing I've built, but far from the ugliest!

But it sounds ok, check it:


Some more wood working:

From left to right: Little Green 12 cab, bigger Woodie 12 cab, 4x10cab - with room for an amp, Big 12+15cab - my Flash Gordon tribute cabinet.

All the cabs were built using hyper expensive marine plywood from Bruynzeel - Holland, the finest cab material created by man/nature. Light weight and super strong, forever lasting. That material is just sexy to handle and work with. Too bad I can't afford it on all builds.

Turns out solid pine boards can be planed down and become very useful, and that stuff is not so expensive. There is my excuse to buy more Japanese hand planes, so there is hope...

Some HiFi:

Parallel Single-Ended 8 watt per channel monster.  2x6AS7 per channel. 5687 or 6922 as driver tubes.

A little V-8 Flea power amp, 1x6922 in preamp and 3x5687 in SE power stage:

Most data and pictures were lost in the early 2010's due to a major change in my life situation. Shit happens.

Analog Only